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Game Name : Fallen Haven
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2002-06-21 07:22:56
Views : 16766

Cheat :
To use the cheats from Win95, click on Start-->Run then enter either of the following at the command prompt:

c:\i-magic\fallen\exe\fallen.exe -MQWIERDSTUFF


c:\i-magic\fallen\exe\fallen.exe -MQCASH

This assumes that the game is installed in the default directory. If you chose to install it somwhere else, you will need to subsitute the appropriate command-line path.

The MQWIERDSTUFF switch enables the construction of either of two secret units. Try building them from your Barracks to see the result.

The MQCASH switch allows you to increase or decrease your Credits by pressing CTRL + or CTRL - from the colony screen.

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