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Game Name : Lionheart
System : PC - Windows
Date Added : 2004-06-21 15:26:13
Views : 16160

Treasure Bug
Every time you find a chest, and your looking for a specific item, or item type. (eg. armor, wep,boots etc..) Press f9 to quick save, and then lock pick, or open the chest, if you don't like what is inside then reload the game. Note: If you find a good item you really like, but not what your looking for, save it under just in case its the best thing you find.

Attack Much Faster
Put a weapon in the items slot just above your health by dragging it from your pack (put it in slot 1 for now). While attacking, just click on a target nearby, and when you swing all the way through--just after you do damage--just press the 1 key and quickly click on your target again. Repeat. It eliminates all of the recovery after a swing or shot. When you get really good at it your can attack up to four times in the time of one normal attack.

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